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Top Brand Sunglasses Price Competition

Now increasingly popular online shopping goods, because the the Taobao Control all know online shopping with a commodity cheaper than mall price, especially the big luxury online shopping is increasingly popular, more and more luxury online stores, the luxury brand of Cheap Oakley Sunglasses are one of the more popular 50% of the price of luxury brands cheaper than mall sunglasses fashion show blog today to compare several top-brand sunglasses - online shopping vs. shopping malls purchase the top brand sunglasses price competition. First, directly from the sunglasses price comparison, authentic sunglasses online price should be cheaper than traditional retail prices 40% to 45%, it is because the sun glasses sales counters in shopping malls, shopping malls want to extract 25% to 30% into field deduction rates. Online trading there is no such costs; another mall, regardless of whether the customer invoice, will receive more than 10% of the value-added turnover tax. Sunglasses to buy online, the customer can choose whether you need an invoice, if you do not need while ensuring after-sales service, the invoice taxes can also be removed. In this way, the price of 30% to 10%, the net purchase sunglasses buy discount than the mall to 40%. Second, from the sunglasses after-sales service, shopping malls or stores selling genuine big sunglasses are manufacturer or distributor of the certification, manufacturers instructions, a lot of accessories, genuine sunglasses, a one-year complete accessories warranty replacement service; is some Internet sales of parallel imports sunglasses not warranty after-sales service, and price than the mall price lower. Again, we are in terms of goods channels, from the goods channels, luxury big sunglasses price will be lower than the mall for more than 50%; genuine sunglasses bring the supply from the domestic sunglasses distributor, is dutiable and the year after-sales service parallel Cheap Oakley Hijinx Sunglasses brand did not take the goods from the distributor at the general distributor of getting goods from abroad, or outflow from the factory back door supply (in this way the outflow of goods, not much, because many manufacturers in the new The model total production based on order quantity), parallel models generally European style, there is no aftermarket repair warranty. Without import tariffs, international mail, small quantities to enter the domestic sales price of such sources on the network than the department store sales to more than 50% lower. Finally, if too low the price of sunglasses, such as 3 fold, two fold, the authenticity of the top luxury brand sunglasses worthy of scrutiny. Expensive sunglasses, of course, take good care of, oh. Share of fashion shows - sunglasses wearing maintenance tips, Xiaobian not more than wordy, sunglasses wearing the process of maintenance tips to help you love the sunglasses, the baby's protection and sunglasses the choice - and also for optical lenses, oh. Sunglasses wearing Abstract, hands, grasp the mirror foot, positive outward to take off with one hand while wearing Abstract glasses, likely to cause deformation, and loosening. (2) when not in use the lens cleaning cloth, lens facing up and placed in a special bag, beware of lenses and frames to scratch hard objects. (3) the frame or lens stained with dirt, sweat, grease, cosmetics and other warm water to clean with a neutral detergent, then soft cloth. 4 is prohibited for a long time cleaning the bathroom, soaked in water and place fixed at exposure to sunlight; prohibit any length of time the current side of the metal. 5 Please fold the lens in the foot of the left mirror. Sunglasses frame distortion, sagging, re-use will cause the lens clarity by dashing to the dealer for a free adjustment. Plate sunglasses use for some time may be slightly deformed, which is a normal phenomenon. Dealer Executive to adjust to. The Dreaming Cheap Oakley Sunglasses_sitemap please do not set aside for a long time in the glare of the place, otherwise it will shorten the time of use of the color effect, but if Dreaming of long-term wear, while gradually losing its polarizing effect will not change, you rest assured to use.

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