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A Few Stories About Sunglasses

This is a very cultural, literary text children, there are many little stories and Cheap Oakley Sunglasses, to editor own very like, is essentially reproduced come from the "Life Week", but the sunglasses fashion show also want 818 sunglasses to share the history and culture, and visiting friends. Story one, sunglasses and Babylon, the oldest of the lens. Now the oldest known lens was excavated in the ancient city ruins of Iraq, that piece lens made of crystal stone. As a result, it is speculated that the ancient Babylonians, at least before 2700 we can find some "zoom" lens. Story Two, sunglasses and ancient China, blocking the expression of the tools. Flat made of smoky quartz sunglasses, also appeared in the 12th century or more before the Chinese, although it is not the correction of myopia, but they can protect the eyes in bright light. The early Yuan Dynasty in the late Jin, Liu Chi describes Jin historical facts "Gui Qian records, bureaucratic officials, almost everyone is wearing sunglasses." But its purpose is not to shade, but in order to hear confessions, to let others see their own expression. This intentionally obscured the use of the expression, just exactly the same with some of today's sunglasses wearer. The story, sunglasses and Roman emperor. It is said that when the Roman Emperor Nero is like wearing a emerald to watch Gladiator game, Gaius Plinius Secundus, Roman writer, once wrote that the Roman open-air arena almost no shading, so Nero people with a turquoise polished into lenses, used to watch the athletics competition of the fighters. Otherwise recorded, Nero is good at observing a variety of precious stones, but also as a mirror, through the gem to watch the game is to see more colorful brutal scene, not only do the sun. The story of four, sunglasses and England aristocratic discrimination. As early as the mid-third century, a similar today Monocle or magnifying glass "to see things have been widely used. Time "glasses" just a simple crystal, at most only at one end fitted with a short handle for easy access. Eyes is not good nobles in Paris, but never held the glasses through the streets, usually, they use glasses only in private. It is said that glasses in England have suffered a similar embarrassment, there were priests criticism Road, wear glasses are a God merciful provocative. Italian cartoonist who lives in the UK, often in his works, to the portraits on the glasses was ironic, but this move while filling glasses popular in the UK open. The story, sunglasses and prehistoric civilization. Sunglasses origin has nothing to do with the Cheap Oakley Active Sunglasses. These "archaeologists believe that the first" sunglasses "appeared in the prehistoric civilization, the Inuit wear a flat teeth, eyes, it is made of walrus teeth, the Inuit people in the slender the surface of the teeth dig carved two light hole, looking far into the wearer's line of sight through the narrow slit, sees things somewhat deformed, but it effectively prevents harmful light irradiation. Story, the earliest European sunglasses. In the late 15th century, Europe had to deal with the glare of sunlight, made the glasses with colored lenses that time most of the sunglasses with green lenses, in order to block the sun, the mirror leg usually done more lenient. The story, sunglasses, and syphilis. James Ayscough, optician, once in the mid-18th century (about 1752), began to try to stain the lenses. However, the wound of these glasses is not what we call today "sunglasses" persistent glasses businessman that blue or green lenses can play a therapeutic effect. In the 17th and 18th century, syphilis has spread in Europe, a symptom of syphilis is sensitive to light, yellow, amber and brown lenses in the 19th century and early 20th century, was used for syphilis essential drugs. " In 1892, W. Bohne mentioned in his book, "optometrist Manual:" When the eyes are the light, can we just stop the part of the spectrum can lead to injury? "Story, sunglasses and portraits of Venice. The earliest portraits of about glasses "Hugh of Provence" by artist Tommasoda Modena drawn in 1352, this picture was found in the north of Venice, Shengnikela church murals drawn, thus proving Italy said today "sunglasses glasses began in Italy, "this statement.The story of nine, wearing glasses with President Roosevelt. In fact, for a long time, wear glasses are as stylish. Once, people wear glasses have a negative understanding of: people who wear glasses, will be subconsciously seen as a pious priest, elderly or poor health. However, this negative "understanding" began in the early 20th century, disappeared. When President Roosevelt to the image of the glasses man in the photo, when the famous comedian Harold Lloyd wearing a Horn Rimmed glasses appeared in the movie The Glass Character, the people began to accept from the glasses aesthetics. Story, sunglasses and stars. In the early 20th century, the sunglasses, the brand-name handbags, shoes, handmade suits together into wearing a "fashion statement". Before and after the war ", the sunglasses use becomes more widespread, especially in the movie star circle. Typically, those actors in order to prevent their "fans" were identified; same time, they wear sunglasses to resist the picture is taken, the film used the strong arc lamp. Several years later, even in the UV microscope (polarizer) can withstand light after the advent of the stars still insist on wearing dark Cheap Oakley Dispatch Sunglasses, maintained a seemingly low-key and Mensao "tradition.

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