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Why Love Sunglasses Those Stars

If you are a determined people, you will find a lot of stars, male stars actress or female, liked to wear sunglasses. Why do they so love the Cheap Oakley Sunglasses? For the stars, probably nine tenths star wearing it, not wearing it as if they are a metamorphosis. Hollywood fashion, the influx of people and a good friend of Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie talk about fashion, revealed a little secret, "in a second class to improve your stylish things - oh, of course XX sunglasses, even at a gas station, bought one, $ 3 for the star, is probably the 10 star wearing nine, one does not wear is abnormal. Oversized sunglasses to cover up the black eye of the star can instantly enhance the star power, it is the most important role is to make the face look smaller, so you can see Victoria Beckham is always wearing an oversized black super parade, do not forget to wear her Oakley, and no wonder that the big brands are beginning to fierce glasses ads makes more money than selling clothes to selling bags in the round and a new boyfriend kissing. Chinese star of course, love the sunglasses, but the degree of love was not as good as the American star, the great Chinese characteristics, after the fame of the male stars who invariably fell in love with a square plastic glasses, but also there is no lens. The most prominent representative is Honglei, "Mei Lanfang" Qiu such as white wearing a gold round-framed glasses, and by "latent" in the Yu has become a spectacle experts, he is said to play order to gain the power to wear glasses, almost, and the director fell out, and more significantly, regardless attend which publicly in recent years, his personal assistant are always prepared for him two glasses, a pair of sunglasses, a plastic box mirror , white, green, blue, black, easy with a variety of clothes, fans of his fans quipped, "it seems, Rego glasses how a drawer!" with the Sun Honglei familiar female reporter once asked him: how you like wearing Cheap Oakley Active Sunglasses? "He was obviously very evasive," Do you really want to know? but I say you will feel that I was pretending to be a rather predatory ". Finally, he gives the answer is: "I do not want the road to be recognized." This is a poor excuse to wear a plastic frame glasses can make people not recognize, obviously lame, and installed a large tail children wolf apparently is not Sun Honglei style, "I was a teenager in the so-called entertainment hard to see too many dirty things, I do not want to mention, it was too clean, I do not know, with the experience increases slowly understand. " I do not know that others understand, anyway, I understand, Reinventing Government In fact, a plastic-framed glasses and that break dance, Harbin of the streets brother to draw a line, plastic-framed glasses to enhance the gentle sense of the expression of a more lofty personal desires, from small "Cheap Oakley Dispatch Sunglasses" to broaden his play road, he can also become an underground addition to the riffraff rogue gangster, from Tali say, "glasses" washed his identity, he finally and fashion literary, artistic, sensitive, clean these words connected to the head. With male stars a meditation, that is, the same small eyes of the Northeast, the Spring Festival when he or Niang Niang gas, flashy, showy two-person show young performers of the wrestling, but the Lantern Festival, a white plastic framed glasses added immediately gave him a sort of bookish interest, I estimate that before long, the little eyes, called the Little Shenyang men will, and his brother Honglei sincere confession "In fact, my heart is an intellectual." no way Why did our Chinese male stars are suffering children? Put on his spectacles gentle yet? Or the saying goes, good, "put on the robes, you do not like a Prince, it seems to want to look gentle, not put on his spectacles, gentle, can only see the gentle, but underneath it? We often see people put on your sunglasses really become handsome, this can only be said to be shape, but the real charm of the people, really does not depend on the dress becomes really attractive. Or those who talk funny, good sense of humor is a real likable. So we should change not only our appearance, our bones kind of elegance, culture, humor, and this is we really attract recognize the place, and should learn more in this regard.

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