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Top Brand Sunglasses Price Competition

Now increasingly popular online shopping goods, because the the Taobao Control all know online shopping with a commodity cheaper than mall price, especially the big luxury online shopping is increasingly popular, more and more luxury online stores, the luxury brand of Cheap Oakley Sunglasses are one of the more popular 50% of the price of luxury brands cheaper than mall sunglasses fashion show blog today to compare several top-brand sunglasses - online shopping vs. shopping malls purchase the top brand sunglasses price competition. First, directly from the sunglasses price comparison, authentic sunglasses online price should be cheaper than traditional retail prices 40% to 45%, it is because the sun glasses sales counters in shopping malls, shopping malls want to extract 25% to 30% into field deduction rates. Online trading there is no such costs; another mall, regardless of whether the customer invoice, will receive more than 10% of the value-added turnover tax. Sunglasses to buy online, the customer can choose whether you need an invoice, if you do not need while ensuring after-sales service, the invoice taxes can also be removed. In this way, the price of 30% to 10%, the net purchase sunglasses buy discount than the mall to 40%. Second, from the sunglasses after-sales service, shopping malls or stores selling genuine big sunglasses are manufacturer or distributor of the certification, manufacturers instructions, a lot of accessories, genuine sunglasses, a one-year complete accessories warranty replacement service; is some Internet sales of parallel imports sunglasses not warranty after-sales service, and price than the mall price lower. Again, we are in terms of goods channels, from the goods channels, luxury big sunglasses price will be lower than the mall for more than 50%; genuine sunglasses bring the supply from the domestic sunglasses distributor, is dutiable and the year after-sales service parallel Cheap Oakley Hijinx Sunglasses brand did not take the goods from the distributor at the general distributor of getting goods from abroad, or outflow from the factory back door supply (in this way the outflow of goods, not much, because many manufacturers in the new The model total production based on order quantity), parallel models generally European style, there is no aftermarket repair warranty. Without import tariffs, international mail, small quantities to enter the domestic sales price of such sources on the network than the department store sales to more than 50% lower. Finally, if too low the price of sunglasses, such as 3 fold, two fold, the authenticity of the top luxury brand sunglasses worthy of scrutiny. Expensive sunglasses, of course, take good care of, oh. Share of fashion shows - sunglasses wearing maintenance tips, Xiaobian not more than wordy, sunglasses wearing the process of maintenance tips to help you love the sunglasses, the baby's protection and sunglasses the choice - and also for optical lenses, oh. Sunglasses wearing Abstract, hands, grasp the mirror foot, positive outward to take off with one hand while wearing Abstract glasses, likely to cause deformation, and loosening. (2) when not in use the lens cleaning cloth, lens facing up and placed in a special bag, beware of lenses and frames to scratch hard objects. (3) the frame or lens stained with dirt, sweat, grease, cosmetics and other warm water to clean with a neutral detergent, then soft cloth. 4 is prohibited for a long time cleaning the bathroom, soaked in water and place fixed at exposure to sunlight; prohibit any length of time the current side of the metal. 5 Please fold the lens in the foot of the left mirror. Sunglasses frame distortion, sagging, re-use will cause the lens clarity by dashing to the dealer for a free adjustment. Plate sunglasses use for some time may be slightly deformed, which is a normal phenomenon. Dealer Executive to adjust to. The Dreaming Cheap Oakley Sunglasses_sitemap please do not set aside for a long time in the glare of the place, otherwise it will shorten the time of use of the color effect, but if Dreaming of long-term wear, while gradually losing its polarizing effect will not change, you rest assured to use.

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Have You Heard of Sunglasses Syndrome

Sunglasses fashion show to share the video to speak of - Note Cheap Oakley Sunglasses to wear; video sunglasses up to the people heard of sunglasses syndrome? Broadcast Read more in Hunan station broadcast a video: Wuhan, a Mr. Du sunglasses lovers, continuous wearing the sunglasses of a week or two, wearing a felt dizzy, like suffering from a cold, aching! Wear sunglasses to go to the hospital, the doctor said you called "sunglasses syndrome. In the end this is going on? What is "sunglasses syndrome"? Wear sunglasses will get it? A lot of sunglasses up to the people encountered similar "sunglasses Syndrome" video, that in the end how to do it? Xiaobian detailed introduction to the inner layer of the previous article alert: wearing sunglasses 8 Note, this blog today re-emphasized that a return: 1. Good sunglasses to wear UV protective function, some of the most serious eye disease causes one of which is UV damage. Good polarized sunglasses lenses block more than 99% of the UV. Note the poor quality sunglasses should be careful wearing, low-quality lenses that not only can not block UV, and the coating is easily damaged, irregular surface of the lens, see the external objects to produce distortion distorted, so that the eye soreness, and the gradual emergence of nausea, loss of appetite decline, forgetfulness, insomnia and other symptoms of visual fatigue. Should not wear sunglasses. Indoor and lighting a dark place, where low light, wear sunglasses, the pupil of the human eye than normal when the zoom to enlarge the pupil will squeeze angle lead to the human eye the aqueous capacity of the affected lead to increased intraocular pressure easily lead to glaucoma. Note that children under the age of 6 suitable for wearing sunglasses, Experts remind] 6-year-old children is not appropriate to wear sunglasses, because their development of visual function is not reached adult levels, long wearing Cheap Oakley Flak Jacket Sunglasses may be the formation of amblyopia occurred. Note the color of the lenses that please try to avoid the blue and purple, this color lenses that block UV ability to worse than other color lenses, and the perspective is low, to wear, you will have to identify barriers to traffic signals, prone to traffic accident. Note that the sunglasses lenses and frames must be sturdy and impact resistant, so as to prevent the lens is not easily broken by external shocks, and to prevent debris formation of fatal injuries to the eyes. Note sunglasses to distinguish between different functions for the decoration of the light-colored fashion sunglasses mirror; for shade and ordinary anti-UV damage, sun, polarized sunglasses; for the function of the outdoor sports, fishing, mountain climbing, skiing and other special occasions movement sunglasses. Note that the maintenance to prevent wear of the lenses that affect the clarity, or into a hard glasses case, and then put the bag, regardless of your sunglasses collection where, be sure to remember that the mirror should be facing. Experts advise consumers to buy sunglasses should try to choose high-quality polarized sunglasses; avoid sunglasses syndrome "status, the experience of the blogger: polarized Cheap Oakley Half Jacket Sunglasses, mirror in hand, suitable for everyday shopping, outings, driving, beach, outdoor and so on many occasions.

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Sunglasses Selection Raiders

Cheap Oakley Sunglasses fashion show blog has made a lot of articles to describe the problem on the choice of sunglasses, and summed up to nothing more than the following article mentioned 9: welcome sunglasses up to the people reproduced: sunglasses the choice of the Raiders _ buy sunglasses, nine major items of note. Sunglasses lens colors, sunglasses lens color of choice, this blog to write this article: "The choice of sunglasses will know - the color of the sunglasses, to summarize: different lens colors have different filter effects also have different functions, brown and dark green lenses that is itself anti-UV and filter functionality of the best color, but also the two most common lens color, the most suitable as a car the color of the sunglasses. Sunglasses lens material for sunglasses lens material choice, this blog post: "The fashion show to help you choose - the type of sunglass lens material as well as the advantages and disadvantages, as well as" fashion show to help you choose sunglasses lenses What material is good? "Taken together, the glass lens (crystal lens) optical functionality of the best, best-in-perspective nature; common and universal resin material of the lens; PC material lenses that are the most robust, impact, and the most suitable lens materials as sports sunglasses . (3) the material of the sunglasses frame sunglasses frame material choice, this blog article: "The fashion show to help you choose sunglasses frame what material? The lightest, most durable titanium frames and titanium frames; the most fashionable sheet material of the frame. 4 sunglasses and face, buy sunglasses must To select a face to match the models, sunglasses and face with the choice of this blog article: "teach you to choose their own sunglasses - style and face". Sunglasses feature mentioned in the functionality of the sunglasses have to mention the difference between polarized sunglasses and ordinary sunglasses, and sunglasses UV protection functionality. This article is: "same old bomb - summarize the difference between polarized Cheap Oakley Flak Jacket Sunglasses and ordinary sunglasses", and "together seriously - UV damage, and UV protection sunglasses function test", I believe that these two articles after reading must functional sunglasses can help you choose to suit your needs. Sunglasses brand sunglasses brand in the article, sunglasses, fashion show blog written too much, such as: "[original recommendation] Ten sports sunglasses brand ranked" [original recommendation, the world's top ten luxury sunglasses brand ranked. "domestic sunglasses top ten brands - Taobao hot domestic sunglasses brand ranked". As well as the sunglasses brand story. Process classification of sunglasses lens, sunglasses lens in accordance with the process the contents of the classification in this respect, in fact, to buy for their own sunglasses have a great relationship, such as gradient lenses, sunglasses, water, silver sunglasses, which look , you also understand why the price of sunglasses so much different. This article: You used what kinds? Five categories - sunglasses lenses. The price of the sunglasses, sunglasses price choice depends on the consumer's ability, if it is a luxury control, then the high price is also necessary. If you choose a value for money for sunglasses, then online shopping is a good choice, you can buy low priced authentic luxury big sunglasses Oh. : "The editor This articles sunglasses true and false to distinguish - refused to select less than 50 yuan sunglasses", online shopping vs. shopping malls share - top-brand sunglasses Price Competition ", can read. . Sunglasses details of the selected observation sunglasses frames stipule is symmetrical on both sides; Second, observe whether the formation of two mirror leg, will frame flat on a table, to see whether the floating point of contact, if there is one side of the low, it is necessary to ask the professionals Cheap Oakley Sunglasses_sitemap legs to adjust to achieve the effect of the balance up and down around the symmetry; the third opening and closing of the mirror legs feel elastic. Is generally believed that the more the better view is that, as said screw lubrication is not enough, likely to cause the mirror legs hurt too loose nor, probably, the screws are not tighten due to the elastic moderate.

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A Few Stories About Sunglasses

This is a very cultural, literary text children, there are many little stories and Cheap Oakley Sunglasses, to editor own very like, is essentially reproduced come from the "Life Week", but the sunglasses fashion show also want 818 sunglasses to share the history and culture, and visiting friends. Story one, sunglasses and Babylon, the oldest of the lens. Now the oldest known lens was excavated in the ancient city ruins of Iraq, that piece lens made of crystal stone. As a result, it is speculated that the ancient Babylonians, at least before 2700 we can find some "zoom" lens. Story Two, sunglasses and ancient China, blocking the expression of the tools. Flat made of smoky quartz sunglasses, also appeared in the 12th century or more before the Chinese, although it is not the correction of myopia, but they can protect the eyes in bright light. The early Yuan Dynasty in the late Jin, Liu Chi describes Jin historical facts "Gui Qian records, bureaucratic officials, almost everyone is wearing sunglasses." But its purpose is not to shade, but in order to hear confessions, to let others see their own expression. This intentionally obscured the use of the expression, just exactly the same with some of today's sunglasses wearer. The story, sunglasses and Roman emperor. It is said that when the Roman Emperor Nero is like wearing a emerald to watch Gladiator game, Gaius Plinius Secundus, Roman writer, once wrote that the Roman open-air arena almost no shading, so Nero people with a turquoise polished into lenses, used to watch the athletics competition of the fighters. Otherwise recorded, Nero is good at observing a variety of precious stones, but also as a mirror, through the gem to watch the game is to see more colorful brutal scene, not only do the sun. The story of four, sunglasses and England aristocratic discrimination. As early as the mid-third century, a similar today Monocle or magnifying glass "to see things have been widely used. Time "glasses" just a simple crystal, at most only at one end fitted with a short handle for easy access. Eyes is not good nobles in Paris, but never held the glasses through the streets, usually, they use glasses only in private. It is said that glasses in England have suffered a similar embarrassment, there were priests criticism Road, wear glasses are a God merciful provocative. Italian cartoonist who lives in the UK, often in his works, to the portraits on the glasses was ironic, but this move while filling glasses popular in the UK open. The story, sunglasses and prehistoric civilization. Sunglasses origin has nothing to do with the Cheap Oakley Active Sunglasses. These "archaeologists believe that the first" sunglasses "appeared in the prehistoric civilization, the Inuit wear a flat teeth, eyes, it is made of walrus teeth, the Inuit people in the slender the surface of the teeth dig carved two light hole, looking far into the wearer's line of sight through the narrow slit, sees things somewhat deformed, but it effectively prevents harmful light irradiation. Story, the earliest European sunglasses. In the late 15th century, Europe had to deal with the glare of sunlight, made the glasses with colored lenses that time most of the sunglasses with green lenses, in order to block the sun, the mirror leg usually done more lenient. The story, sunglasses, and syphilis. James Ayscough, optician, once in the mid-18th century (about 1752), began to try to stain the lenses. However, the wound of these glasses is not what we call today "sunglasses" persistent glasses businessman that blue or green lenses can play a therapeutic effect. In the 17th and 18th century, syphilis has spread in Europe, a symptom of syphilis is sensitive to light, yellow, amber and brown lenses in the 19th century and early 20th century, was used for syphilis essential drugs. " In 1892, W. Bohne mentioned in his book, "optometrist Manual:" When the eyes are the light, can we just stop the part of the spectrum can lead to injury? "Story, sunglasses and portraits of Venice. The earliest portraits of about glasses "Hugh of Provence" by artist Tommasoda Modena drawn in 1352, this picture was found in the north of Venice, Shengnikela church murals drawn, thus proving Italy said today "sunglasses glasses began in Italy, "this statement.The story of nine, wearing glasses with President Roosevelt. In fact, for a long time, wear glasses are as stylish. Once, people wear glasses have a negative understanding of: people who wear glasses, will be subconsciously seen as a pious priest, elderly or poor health. However, this negative "understanding" began in the early 20th century, disappeared. When President Roosevelt to the image of the glasses man in the photo, when the famous comedian Harold Lloyd wearing a Horn Rimmed glasses appeared in the movie The Glass Character, the people began to accept from the glasses aesthetics. Story, sunglasses and stars. In the early 20th century, the sunglasses, the brand-name handbags, shoes, handmade suits together into wearing a "fashion statement". Before and after the war ", the sunglasses use becomes more widespread, especially in the movie star circle. Typically, those actors in order to prevent their "fans" were identified; same time, they wear sunglasses to resist the picture is taken, the film used the strong arc lamp. Several years later, even in the UV microscope (polarizer) can withstand light after the advent of the stars still insist on wearing dark Cheap Oakley Dispatch Sunglasses, maintained a seemingly low-key and Mensao "tradition.

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To Children and Father Buy Sunglasses

Police brand in Europe in 1983, began to develop to their Cheap Oakley Sunglasses. The beginning, police sunglasses broke into the world. David Beckham is the brand's spokesperson, David Beckham on behalf of the Police sunglasses in the UK and Japan and it has a guarantee period of 30 days and buyer protection. Like many other designer sunglasses, police developed during the boom of the Ray-Ban, and rapidly popular in the world. Smooth arc of the mercury film of aviator sunglasses and a variety of sunglasses are police sunglasses s well-known products. Police sunglasses always provide 100% protection from ultraviolet rays A and B radiation and give a distortion lens of clear vision. Police sunglasses with scratch-resistant lenses, anti-fog treatment against blocking attacks, anti-blast and so on. Police sunglasses just by the Eastern European countries glasses, unique packaging of the polarizing film style - a new lens to accommodate the advantages of the Police sunglasses, the lenses of large size, ultra-thin shape design, polarizing function. End-users can now enjoy the lighter weight of polarized sunglasses and overall eye than ever to a greater degree of protection. Police sunglasses offer unparalleled style. With today's fashion eyewear market competition, the company knows the importance to provide customers with glasses is to provide as police sunglasses with style, quality and professional services and human relations than the basis of this company over 67 years of foundation, and will continue to do better in the future. Experts: Do not buy toy sunglasses for the baby, for children with eye safety concerns, France, some experts suggest that parents do not give children to buy toys, Cheap Oakley Fast Jacket Sunglasses. According to local media reported on the 7th, the French Consumer Safety Commission, some experts pointed out that some children's toys, sunglasses, even though it looked the same with tinted lenses, but can not play any blocking ultraviolet rays. What is more, some materials used for the production of toy sunglasses under the action of sunlight, but the eyes of a child will cause more damage. The experts also pointed out that the only way to light conditions, the necessary protection of the eyes of a child if the parents want the children to the seaside or mountain resort, the need for children to buy a UV filter degree of the four children's sunglasses. The experts also pointed out that due to the current children's sunglasses, UV filters identify the lack of uniform standards, so many children's sunglasses sold in the market did not provide instructions, difficult to judge the parents. Experts recommend parents to the regular optical shop to buy sunglasses for their children to have qualified optical technicians related consulting. Although now over 50, but my father is still full of personal charm. Sunglasses should be shaping fashion father's preferred items, but never too many. The right pair of sunglasses can usually suits filling the elegant and handsome father. Go to the Entertainment and Fashion Forum. The color tends to soft pop elements of the season sunglasses silver, matte silver, light golden frame sang lead. The major brands are in the details of the design of a new pursuit, fully embodies the male charm lenses and very gentle air of small lenses have different levels of innovation in style. In addition, sunglasses frames and lenses were strong contrasting colors for dads vibrant new choice. "Set mirror" by the people of Shanghai in recent years a new type of sunglasses, which is characterized by the glasses and Cheap Oakley Sunglasses_sitemap in harmony with the "cloned surgery" room for the practicability of the sunglasses was chosen greatly increased. Dads usually do not have the habit with contact lenses, over the years, his spectacles on the bridge of the nose has been that they missed with sun glasses. Buy a pair of sunglasses to her father, and very in line with the season Oh!

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The Introduction of Sunglasses

The Cheap Oakley Sunglasses are a prevent sunlight strongly stimulate caused by the human eye injuries, eye care supplies, with the improvement of people's material and cultural level, the sunglasses can be as beauty or special jewelry to reflect the personal style. The sun's rays reach the earth's surface contains UV, the cornea and lens of the human eye is most vulnerable to UV damage eye tissues, "cataract" is closely related eye diseases. Due to environmental damage to the ozone layer, as well as people's summer outdoor activities increase UV damage to the human eye can not be ignored. Wearing sunglasses is to protect the eye from UV damage better way, but pay special attention to the choice of sunglasses. In accordance with the provisions of the international standards, the sunglasses are classified as areas of personal eye protection supplies, sunglasses wear in the summer, the main function is to block the sun glare. However, international standards again Cheap Oakley Active Sunglasses subdivided into "fashion mirror" and "general use with a mirror. Standard quality requirements of the fashion mirror is relatively low. "Fashion Mirror" is the style, the wearer focus on the decorative rather than protective function. The standard of "general purpose mirror" quality requirements are more strict, which include requirements for UV protection, as well as refraction and prism of the indicators. Basic functions: a pair of sunglasses looks very simple two color glass or plastic sheet, which is a plastic or metal frame. What could be more simple? In fact, the two glass lenses can produce a lot of difference when you use sunglasses, these differences will have a great impact on your In this article you will understand the difference does exist between a variety of sunglasses. A good pair of sunglasses must have the following four functions: to prevent the ultraviolet radiation in sunlight outside can damage the cornea and the retina, high-quality sunglasses can completely eliminate the ultraviolet radiation. Prevent the irradiation of light, when the eye receives too much light, it will naturally shrink the iris. Once the iris contraction to limit state, then people need to squint. If the light is still too much, such as snow reflected sunlight will be on the retinal damage. Quality sunglasses can filter out into eyes light up to 97% in order to avoid injury. Irradiation to prevent glare, some surface, such as the water, can reflect a lot of light, produced highlights disrupt the line of sight or hidden objects. High-quality Cheap Oakley Dispatch Sunglasses with polarized technology to completely eliminate such a glare polarizer technology, we will introduce later. Eliminate specific frequencies of light, the light of certain frequencies can blur the line of sight, and some other frequencies of light can enhance the contrast. Sunglasses to choose the correct color, make it be more effective in certain circumstances. If the sunglasses do not provide UV protection, it takes you more exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Cheap sunglasses filter out part of the light, cause your iris to open to receive more light. This also would allow more ultraviolet radiation into the increases the damage of ultraviolet rays on the retina. Between a variety of sunglasses, there is a difference. For a particular use of the environment, the selection of suitable, high-quality sunglasses will provide you with maximum protection.

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Lenses of The Sunglasses

Many Cheap Oakley Sunglasses manufacturers use a process called constant density to the lens dyeing. This is the most old sunglasses manufacturing process, the glass or polycarbonate mixture of materials have the same color. Thus such a process of manufacturing the lens, the color of the lens inside. Layer absorption of light molecules deposited on the surface of pure polycarbonate is also a staining method. To the polycarbonate lens dyeing the most common method is to soak the lenses in a special liquid containing coloring substance, such a coloring substance will slowly be absorbed by the plastic. If you want darker, just extend the time of the lens immersed in liquid. Polarized light waves from artificial sources such as sun or even light bulbs are vibration in all directions, and dissemination. Light transmission, reflection, divergence or refraction, when the light toward the vibration of one or more of the plane, we say the light polarization. The polarizing process is a naturally occurring, can also be artificially excited. Each time you observe the lake to see the glare is an example of natural polarization. Glare reflected from the surface of the lake is not able to pass through the lake "filter" light, which is why even if the lake is very clear is not able to see the reasons of the object under the lake. The polarization filter is generally to the surface by a layer of chemical thin films deposited on transparent plastic or Cheap Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses made. Typically, the molecular compounds among naturally arranged in parallel. When they are evenly coated lenses, these molecules formed a tiny lens, able to absorb all the same light with their orientation. Forcing you to wear sunglasses, the vast majority of glare from horizontal surfaces, such as surface and highway. When the light reaches a surface, the reflected light will be polarized, the direction of the surface point of view is the same. Thus, a reflection high-level surface, such as the lake can produce large amounts of the level of polarized light. Therefore, the polarized lenses of the sunglasses is fixed at an angle, making only vertical polarized light can be through the lens. You can observe this principle through the following methods: wearing polarized Cheap Oakley Squared Sunglasses, and then observe a horizontal surface, such as the hood of the car. Slowly to the head left or right tilt. You will find the glare from the surface with your line of sight angle adjustment becomes bright.

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